Storytelling for Environmental Futures

ANEST Closing Conference

Stavanger, Norway, 7-9 August 2024

Storytelling is how humans make sense of the world. Storytelling binds together communities, and can tear them apart. Stories are not just linear tellings in time and space, but can also spiral, cycle, and create patterns. Stories can be told in words, visuals, and embodied experience. One of the main goals of storytelling is to recount an obstacle and how it can be overcome. Facing environmental challenges like climate change, extinction, pollution, and extractivism needs to take advantage of that kind of storytelling—and it is precisely the type of analysis that environmental humanities scholars can provide.

“Storytelling for Environmental Futures” is the closing conference of the ANEST network. The conference interrogates how storytelling about the future and in service of the future works. What are these environmental stories? Who is making these stories? Who is reading/hearing/encountering the stories? Why is this story being told? Who is carrying the stories?

This conference will offer opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration, networking and professional development with a variety of sessions and events over three days. The conference will be free to attend, with lunches and the conference dinner on 9 August provided. Registration for non-presenting participants will open shortly.

The conference takes place at the University of Stavanger campus, in Hulda Garborgs Hus.

The conference is funded by the Research Council of Norway INTPART grant Asia-Norway Environmental Storytelling Network.